My Brother is a Superhero


Luke is a comic-mad eleven-year-old.  One day, while he’s indisposed, an alien gives his undeserving, never-read-a-comic-in-his-life brother superpowers and then tells him to save the universe.  It’s just not fair…

But when Zack is kidnapped, Luke and his friends set out to find him – and save the world – but they only have five days…

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David Solomonsweb-solomons

David Solomons is a screenwriter; his first script was an adaption of E Nesbit’s Five Children and It.

My Brother is a Superhero is his first book.  It won the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize in 2016. Luke and Zach’s story continues in My Gym Teacher is an Alien Overlord.

You can find out more about David and his writing on his publisher’s website and on twitter.