My Brother is a Superhero


It is a very exciting book with a lot of mystery in it . The main characters are Luke and his older brother Zack.  The book is based on children that like superheroes and have a creative imagination.

Ollie, Y7

I this is a good book because its about adventure and mystery where they need to try and find Zack who saves the world from nemesis.

Ethan, Y7

I love this book because it’s a funny and enjoyable. My favourite part is where the boy finds out his older brother is a superhero.

Cameron, Y7

It is a thriller book I haven’t read it all but it is really good so far I personally like it because I love super hero books!!!!

Jake, Y7

Not a bad book, but compared to the others, I definitely wouldn’t call it my favourite. I think it’s more directed at young readers, as it’s quite childish.

* * *          Alex, Y10

I like this because it is not a book I would normally read but I am glad I did read it because it was funny and interesting and I would definitely recommend it

Alicia, Y8

 It was funny, but a bit babyish. I found the humour a bit too childish and cheesy for me. The storyline also wasn’t too great.

* *          Jack, Y9