Demolition Dad


This is the story of Jake Biggs and his dad, George.  George spends all week knocking down buildings… and all weekend knocking down wrestlers.  He’s the Demolition Man, and Jake couldn’t be prouder.

But when Jake hears about a pro-wrestling competition in the USA, and persuades his dad to apply, things don’t quite turn out quite the way he expected.

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Phil Earleweb-earle

When his childhood dream of playing for Hull City was scuppered by too many Mars Bars and Frazzles, Phil finally found his calling when he landed a job in a bookshop.  Inspired by all the amazing books written for children and young adults, he decided to have a go himself.

He’s recently finished a six month stint as the Booktrust’s online writer-in-residence.  A self-confessed non-reader as a child, Phil’s aim as writer-in-residence was to interview a range of authors, graphic novelists, illustrators, poets and editors to help young people find the books that will turn them into readers.

Phil’s other books include:

  • Heroic – Inspired by S.E. Hinton’s Classic, ‘The Outsiders’, this is a story of brotherhood, and how for many soldiers, the real battle starts when they return home.
  • Bubble Wrap Boy – Charlie’s problems are way bigger than he is. He’s small, clumsy and has on over-protective mum watching his every move. But Charlie has a plan, a plan that might just make him feel ten feet tall…

You can find out more about Phil and his writing on his website and on twitter.