Finding Audrey

My favourite book is Finding Audrey because I really got into this book and I couldn’t put it down. It was about this teenager called Audrey who was trying to find herself. She had quite a hard life however she got through it all. I would definitely recommend this book because it was just like being on a roller coaster.

Sophie, Y7

Honestly, I don’t normally like contemporaries but I found that this book is one of the exceptions. It was a touching sweet story. I admire the character and anyone who has gone through a similar situation of anxiety, depression or bullying and got out. This book is inspiring to people who has had those problems as it shows that there is always going to be bad days and good day. There is no such thing as “Straight Graphs” when it comes to this things but it’s important to not give up and remember that it get worse before it gets better
Also, the romance is really cute. Always liked a cute romance in books ;).
I highly recommend it to anyone who loves contemporary romance books. And everyone really. 🙂

Viktoriia, Y9

I think that ‘Finding Audrey’ is really good and its the first book I’ve read 
that I have said “oh ill just read this page” and then carry on saying that over and over and i finished it last night. I found out what was the problems with Audrey and there were different emotions there were ups and downs but i really did enjoy it. Thanks.

* * * *          Jodie, Y7

This book was fairly interesting, and it dealt with a mental disorder that hasn’t really been exploited before in books. However, sometimes all of the characters (including Audrey) could be really irrational, which made it hard to agree with their decisions, or even see the reasons behind it.

* * * *          Sarah, Y11

Really didn’t like it at all. Very bad book-would not recommend it to other readers. Badly written, bad plot, just really really bad!

*         Alex, Y10

It was a very emotional read. Not the best book but I enjoyed reading it.

* * *          Jack, Y9